I have viewed the real estate market being no different than the stock market , it goes through Bull / Bear phases and for savvy investors who can wait out the market they will, for the most part, come out okay.

For those of us who buy a home to meet our changing circumstances we get caught up on the hype of the market and loose prospective on when to buy or sell, after all how can we avoid the bombardment and the spin of the brokers and agents. There are, by last published statistic, 245 realtors for every Canadian over the age of 19 .

I was under a misapprehension that all Real Estate Agents and Brokerages were the same, come on now, given the MLS and Social Network Systems how could one agent do better than another in a level playing field, I was so WRONG ! that assumption has cost me, tens of thousands of dollars and months of my carrying two homes not to mention the lost sleep.

I know I’m not alone and other people are in the same boat. Had we only known that choosing the right agent would simplify our lives, in my situation my house was listed with an agent and a large International brokerage for over six months, we priced to the market and had no realistic offers, when the listing expired I researched all the local agencies and eventually called Marc Ronan (Coldwell Banker Ronan Realty Brokerage). We met and Marc listed my home on January 5th and sold it January 15th.

Ten days. I was gob smacked given the state of the market and the time of year. Add to that, the new trend of offers with multiple (sometime unrealistic) conditions . Our home sold without complex and encumbering conditions, only because Marc and Gladys Craine conveyed that ,to the buyers, avoiding protracted and frustrating negotiations.

Gladys and Marc walked us through the process explaining the legalese. What I have learned on this journey

  • Not all agents are equal , find an agent that offers integrity, honesty and is established in the area.
  • Find an agent who works with you and promotes your property above their agency or “team”
  • Search out an agent that finds solutions through action rather than excuses and empty promises.

It is a sad commentary, that in this day and age it is so easy to complain but difficult to commend or compliment. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Marc Ronan, and Gladys Craine of Coldwell Banker Ronan Realty Brokerage for their professionalism through this venture.